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  • Competition Update from GTUK British Championships 2016

    Firstly, on behalf of all of your instructors at Borough TKD, I would like to say a enormous "Well Done!" to all our students who took part in yesterday's GTUK British Championships! You were all incredible. The standards were incredibly high and your determination and indomitable spirit was some you can all be proud of. We certainly are very proud of you all.

    This competition saw both new and more experienced students competing and many of our students were successful in earning themselves National medals. It also saw a number of our students compete nationally for the first time, which in itself is a huge achievement, regardless of the result.

    To help us celebrate your successes Mr Bowman has updated the results section on our website. Should you wish to have your photo incuded then please email him the photos.

    Once again, on behalf of all the instructors; we are incredibly proud of all the students who took part yesterday. Well done!



  • A Message From Grand Master Oldham

    I was pleasantly surprised when I was told today that the Wellingborough club has been part of our association now for 25 years this month “How time fly’s” I can still remember doing the opening seminar for the club, the hall was packed with students, and the day was very successful.

    Mr Steven King 6th degree black belt and Northants senior instructor still runs the club at Weavers Sports Centre and other clubs in the area along with his assistant instructors. He has over the years produced hundreds of black belts with some achieving international status, as been a very loyal senior instructor to our association and for those who know him his character always shines through wherever he goes. He himself has successfully competed at many World and National championships and is someone not to be underestimated, I often watch the way he spars catching opponents out with great timing and accuracy of technique. I want to congratulate him on his many achievements and his continuous help and advise he has given me over the years.

    I consider him a true friend…. GMO



  • Northants 2016 Interclub

    The Instructors at Borough Taekwon Do would like to congratulate all students who participated in the Northants Interclub

    The Instructors at Borough TKD would like to say 'Well done!' to all students who attended the Northants Interclub yesterday. The standards were very high and many of the rounds were very close. Congratulations to those who won medals!

    The Instructors would also like to say 'thank you' to all the family, friends and students who were able to support this event.This was a fantastic experience for those who took part, all of whom will have gained from competition experience.

    Our thanks go to Mrs Parker and Northampton club for hosting the event

    Congratulations to Wellingborough club who won the day overall and retain the Interclub Cup for yet another year!



  • It's Christmas!!

    The instructors at Borough Taekwon-Do would like to invite you to

    join us in celebrating the end of another successful year!

    This year's end of year celebration will be held at laser Zone Wellingborough (30 Church Street, Wellingborough, NN9 4PA) on Saturday 19th December between 7pm and 10pm. Familes are more than welcome to join us!

    Borough Taekwondo will be paying the hire costs for this event, as a result; there will be no cost to students.

    End of year achievement awards will be handed out at this event to students the instructors feel have performed exceptionally well throughout the year!



  • Squad Presentation / GMO Seminar‏

    Last Saturday, students of the GTUK were invited to train with Grand Master Oldham at Derby Arena. This five hour technical session gave the students chance to work the Grand Master and the GTUK England Squad coaches on technical corrections, patterns and breaking.

    The day began in the brand new venue with students being taught about the technical application of the techniques of their patterns. It was a fantastic opportunity for students, from White Belt through to 4th Degrees to see how the techniques “work”. Understanding the technical elements of patterns helps students see the purpose behind the moves and thus produces stronger patterns.

    Then Grand Master took the time to go through the patterns of all the grades in attendance. It was good for students to be coached by the some of the most senior grades within the association, especially for anyone with a grading coming up.

    Once a grade had completed their instruction from the Grand Master there was the opportunity to work with GTUK England Squad coaches. The afternoon saw the opportunity to learn about destruction.

    In all, a great day was had by all who attended and everyone said what a valuable experience it had been!




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