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  • Borough TKD October Newsletter

    Borough TKD October Newsletter

    Welcome to the new look Borough TKD newsletter!

    Grading Update:

    30th September saw our latest club grading and congratulations go to all our students who took part as we had a 100% pass rate. Special congratulations goes to Charles Farman from Wollaston club for receiving the only A pass this time. Also congratulations go to Mr Quadling who Grand Master Oldham put forward to take his 4th Degree. This is a huge honour and represents his 30 years of hard work - I'm sure you will join me in wishing him every success in his journey towards taking this.

    The next club grading will take place on Saturday 12th December. Any student who did not grade this September should be working grading in December.

    GTUK Website:

    All GTUK students should be registered on the GTUK website. On there you will find the official GTUK calendar and registering gives you access to all the theory sheets you will need for your gradings. These are all the information you will need for the theory section of your grading.

    GTUK British Championships - 24th October 2015

    Saturday 24th October sees the next GTUK British Championships! You should have received a separate email about this. This competition is open to all students, of any grade or age. You will need to complete your entry form and hand this and the entry fee to you instructor by 16th October 2015.

    This competition also see the first Great GTUK Bake Off! There is a prize up for grabs for the best cake/biscuits/sweet pastries as judged by the senior blackbelts. For further information on this please email admin@gtukenglandsquad.co.uk. This is a fun and friendly competition designed to raise funds for GTUK students and is open to all. As usual, anyone able to donate some time to help man the GTUK stall at the championships would be gratefully received.

    Safety Equipment:

    We would like to remind students that once they have reached the level of yellow belt they should begin to purchase themselves safety equipment. This is designed to keep students safe when sparring. All male students, regardless of grade, should own, and bring to training a groin guard. Within the GTUK the following safety equipment is compulsory for sparring - head guard, CLOSED FINGER gloves, feet pads and groin guards for male students. Shin guards and mouth guards are optional but advised. Safety equipment can be ordered through your instructor.


    All students require valid insurance to train and take part in ANY GTUK event (including training). Although Mr Quadling is doing a fantastic job of managing these for the club, please remember to check your licence card regularly so you are aware when your renewal is due. You should carry your licence card with you as GTUK senior instructor and administrators may ask to see this at any point.

    We would like to take this opportunity to wish all students entering the GTUK British Championships on the 24th good luck and look forward to updating you on our successes in our November newsletter.



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