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  • Northants Interclub 2015

    Hello Everybody,

    Please see a post competition write up from one of Wollaston Tkd students Miss Lindsay Appleton.


    The Northamptonshire Interclub competition is a friendly competition and a good opportunity for students to try competing and build their confidence. Six clubs were invited to attend this year and a large number of students from all the clubs involved took part. It was particularly nice to see students who had travelled from Bungay and Beccles clubs to take part in the competition.

    The competition began with patterns categories across all three divisions; Pee wee, Junior and Adult. All students did their instructors proud and did well to remember all they had been taught. For students for whom this was their first competition this was particularly true, however the spirit of the day was embraced by all students.

    This competition saw a large Dragon category take place, allowing the youngest members of the clubs to take part in the day. They did a fantastic job, led by Mrs Wright, at remembering all they have been taught. The addition of this category, focused on taking part and enjoying competing, meant that now even younger students could be part of the day.

    Following the conclusion of the patterns categories proceedings quickly moved onto the sparring categories. It was brilliant to watch everyone apply all that they have been taught in class in a competition, a different type of opportunity to the ones that can be offered in class. Students showed courtesy, perseverance, integrity, self-control and indomitable spirit, the five tenets of Taekwondo, in their spars and learnt a lot from the day.

    As usual the Black Belts took to the floor at the end of the day, showing off their skills in Patterns and Sparring. It was a brilliant opportunity for students to see what they will be aiming for in the future. The support and dedication of the Black Belts in their roles of officials throughout the day was greatly appreciated, from setting up the hall in the morning, to organising the categories, to refereeing and being corner judges.

    Congratulations go to Wellingborough club for winning the day overall with the highest number of medals.

    Our thanks go to Mrs and Mr Wright from Grange Park for organising such a fantastic event and Mrs Parker from Northampton for her support in the running of the day.


    Thank you Lindsay for the above report.



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