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    Last Saturday, students of the GTUK were invited to train with Grand Master Oldham at Derby Arena. This five hour technical session gave the students chance to work the Grand Master and the GTUK England Squad coaches on technical corrections, patterns and breaking.

    The day began in the brand new venue with students being taught about the technical application of the techniques of their patterns. It was a fantastic opportunity for students, from White Belt through to 4th Degrees to see how the techniques “work”. Understanding the technical elements of patterns helps students see the purpose behind the moves and thus produces stronger patterns.

    Then Grand Master took the time to go through the patterns of all the grades in attendance. It was good for students to be coached by the some of the most senior grades within the association, especially for anyone with a grading coming up.

    Once a grade had completed their instruction from the Grand Master there was the opportunity to work with GTUK England Squad coaches. The afternoon saw the opportunity to learn about destruction.

    In all, a great day was had by all who attended and everyone said what a valuable experience it had been!



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